ISTQB Test 1


ISTQB Practice test. Try and Evaluate.

Question #1: Which of the following is TRUE?

Correct Answer is A. Confirmation testing is testing fixes to a set of defects and Regression testing is testing to establish whether any defects have been introduced as a result of changes.

Question #2: Which activity in the fundamental test process creates test suites for efficient test execution?

Correct Answer is   A. Implementation and execution.

Question #3: A thermometer measures temperature in whole degrees only. If the temperature falls below 18 degrees, the heating is switched off. It is switched on again when the temperature reaches 21 degrees. What are the best values in degrees to cover all equivalence partitions?

Correct Answer is   A. 15, 19 and 25.

Question #4: You have designed test cases to provide 100% statement and 100% decision coverage for the following fragment of code.

if width > length
biggest_dimension = width
biggest_dimension = length

The following has been added to the bottom of the code fragment above.

print “Biggest dimension is ” & biggest_dimension
print “Width: ” & width
print “Length: ” & length

How many more test cases are required?

Correct Answer is C. None, existing test cases can be used.

Question #5: Given the following fragment of code, how many tests are required for 100% decision coverage?

if width > length
biggest_dimension = width
if height > width
biggest_dimension = height
biggest_dimension = length
if height > length
biggest_dimension = height
end_if end_if
end_if end_if

Correct Answer is B.4

Question #6: What is beta testing?

Correct Answer is B. Testing performed by potential customers at their own locations.

Question #7: Which of the following is a MAJOR task of test implementation and execution?

Correct Answer B. Reporting discrepancies as incidents.

Question #8: Given the following state transition diagram Which of the following series of state transitions contains an INVALID transition which may indicate a fault in the system design?

Correct Answer is C. Login Browse Basket Checkout Basket Logout.

Question #9: As part of which test process do you determine the exit criteria?

Correct Answer is   A. Test planning.

Question #10: Which of the following is correct?

Correct Answer is D. Impact analysis assesses the effect of a change to the system to determine how much regression testing to do.

Question #11: Some tools are geared more for developer use. For the 5 tools listed, which statement BEST details those for developers

i) Performance testing tools.
ii) Coverage measurement tools.
iii) Test comparators.
iv) Dynamic analysis tools.
v) Incident management tools.

Correct Answer is  B. ii. and iv. are more for developers.

Question #12: Which of the following defines the expected results of a test?

Correct Answer is B. Test design specification.

Question #13: Which of the following would you NOT usually find on a software incident report?

Correct Answer is  C. Suggestions as to how to fix the problem.

Question #14: Who would USUALLY perform debugging activities?

Correct Answer is A.Developers.

Question #15: Where may functional testing be performed?

Correct Answer is B. At all test levels.

Question #16: Which of the following BEST describes the difference between an inspection and a walkthrough?

Correct Answer is,  An inspection is led by a moderator and a walkthrough is led by the author.

Question #17: Given the following state transition table Which of the test cases below will cover the following series of state transitions? S1 SO S1 S2 SO

Correct Answer is D, A, B, C.

Question #18: From a Testing perspective, what are the MAIN purposes of Configuration Management?:
i) Identifying the version of software under test.
ii) Controlling the version of testware items.
iii) Developing new testware items.
iv) Tracking changes to testware items.
v) Analysing the need for new testware items.

Correct answer is i, ii and iv.

Question #19: What is the MAIN objective when reviewing a software deliverable?

Question #20: one of the fields on a form contains a text box which accepts numeric values in the range of 18 to 25. Identify the invalid Equivalence class.

answer is 17



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