ISTQB Test 7


ISTQB Practice test. Try and Evaluate.

Question #1: Beta testing is performed at developing organization’s site where as Alpha testing is performed by people at their own locations.

Answer is B. False

Question #2: The goal of a software tester is to find bugs, find them as early as possible and make sure they get fixed.

Answer is A.True

Question #3: What is the normal order of activities in which software testing is organized?

Answer is A. Unit, integration, system, validation

Question #4: During this event the entire system is tested to verify that all functional information structural and quality requirements have been met. A predetermined combination of tests is designed that when executed successfully satisfy management that the system meets specifications

Answer is C. User Acceptance Testing

Question #5: System Integration testing should be done after

Answer is C. Unit testing

Question #6: What type of tools to be used for Regression Testing

Answer is B. Record/Playback

Question #7: Configuration and compatibility testing are typically good choices for outsourcing

Answer is A.True

Question #8: est Case are grouped into Manageable (and scheduled) units are called as

Answer is B. Test Suite

Question #9: A formal assessment of a work product conducted by one or more qualified independent reviewer to detect defects.

Answer is A. Inspection. .

Question #10: Quality Assurance is the process by which product quality is compared with the application standards and the action taken when nonconformance is detected.

Answer is A.True

Question #11: Performs sufficient testing to evaluate every possible path and condition in the application system. The only test method that guarantees the proper functioning of the application system is called as______________

Answer is C. Basic Path Testing

Question #12: The person who leads the review of the document(s), planning the review,running the meeting and follow-up after the meeting

Answer is C. Moderator

Question #13: ________________indicates how important it is to fix the bug and when it should be fixed

Answer is C. All of the above

Question #14: Structure is unknown for which type of development project

Answer is D. Purchased/contracted software

Question #15: With thorough testing it is possible to remove all defects from a program prior to delivery to the customer.

Answer is B.False

Question #16: When to stop Testing?

Answer is A. Stop when scheduled time for testing expires .

Question #17: Equivalence testing divides the input domain into classes of data from which test cases can be derived to reduce the total number of test cases that must be developed.

Answer is A.True

Question #18: When a defect is detected and fixed then the software should be retested to confirm that the original defect has been successfully removed. This is called

Answer is C. Confirmation testing

Question #19: How much percentage of the life cycle costs of a software are spent on maintenance.

Answer is D. 70%

Question #20: The specification which describes steps required to operate the system and exercise test cases in order to implement the associated test design

Answer is  D. None



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