ISTQB Test 8


ISTQB Practice test. Try and Evaluate.

Question #1: The number of tests to test all control statements equals the cyclomatic complexity

Answer is A.True

Question #2: Tool which stores requirement statements, check for consistency and allow requirements to be prioritized and enable individual tests to be traceable to requirements, functions and features.

Answer is B. Requirements management tools

Question #3: Which test may not mimic real world situations

Answer is B. Structural Testing

Question #4: _________includes both Black box and White Box Testing features

Answer is A. Gray Box Testing

Question #5: The tool modifies the program code or manipulates tge operating environment in any way is considered non-invasive

Answer is B.False

Question #6: CAST stands for

Answer is A. Computer Aided Software Testing

Question #7: ___________is a very early build intended for limited distribution to a few key customers and to marketing for demonstration purposes.

Answer is  B. Beta release

Question #8: EULA stands for

Answer is B. End User License Agreement

Question #9: Typical defects discovered by static analysis includes

Answer is C. Security vulnerabilities

Question #10: Defects are recorded into three major purposes. They are:
1.To correct the defect
2.To report status of the application
3.To improve the software development process

Answer is A.True

Question #11: Which testing is used to verify that the system can perform properly when internal program or system limitations have been exceeded

Answer is A. Stress Testing

Question #12: Verification can be termed as ‘Are we building the product right?”

Answer is A.True

Question #13: Which rule should not be followed for reviews

Answer is C. All members of the reviewing team are responsible for the result of the review

Question #14: Testing with out a real plan and test cases is called —

Answer is D. All of the above

Question #15: Which summarizes the testing activities associated with one or more test design specifications.

Answer is C. Test Incident Report

Question #16: A white box testing technique that measures the number of or percentage of decision directions executed by the test case designed is called

Answer is B. Decision/Condition coverage

Question #17: The testing technique that requires devising test cases to demonstrate that each program function is operational is called

Answer is C. Grey-box testing

Question #18: A series of probing questions about the completeness and attributes of an application system is called

Answer is A. Checklist

Question #19: In____________testing doesn’t know anything about the sofware being tested; it just clicks or types randomly.

Answer is D. Dumb monkey testing

Question #20: The principal attributes of tools and automation are

Answer is C. All of the above



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