ISTQB Test 9


ISTQB Practice test. Try and Evaluate.

Question #1: Acceptance test cases are based on what?

Answer is A. Requirements

Question #2: In a review meeting a moderator is a person who

Answer is  B. Mediates between people

Question #3: A common test technique during component test is

Answer is A. Statement and branch testing

Question #4: How many test cases are necessary to cover all the possible sequences of statements (paths) for the following program fragment? Assume that the two conditions are independent of each other:

if (Condition 1)
then statement 1
else statement 2
if (Condition 2)
then statement 3

Answer is A. 2 Test Cases

Question #5: An input field takes the year of birth between 1900 and 2004
The boundary values for testing this field are

Answer is C. 1899,1900,2004,2005

Question #6: Boundary value testing

Answer is B. Test boundary conditions on, below and above the edges of input and output equivalence classes

Question #7: Pick the best definition of quality

Answer is  C. Conformance to requirements

Question #8: To test a function, the programmer has to write a____________, which calls the function to be tested and passes it test data.

Answer is B. Driver

Question #9: Given the Following program
IF X <>= Z
THEN Statement 2;
McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity is :

Answer is B.4

Question #10: Statement Coverage will not check for the following.

Answer is A. Missing Statements

Question #11: One Key reason why developers have difficulty testing their own work is :

Answer is D. Lack of Objectivity

Question #12: Which of the following is not a quality characteristic listed in ISO 9126 Standard?

Answer is C. Supportability

Question #13: Fault Masking is

Answer is A. Error condition hiding another error condition

Question #14: Code Coverage is used as a measure of what?

Answer is C. Test Effectiveness

Question #15: Incorrect form of Logic coverage is:

Answer is B. Pole Coverage

Question #16: Which of the following tools would be involved in the automation of regression test?

Answer is C. Capture/Playback

Question #17: “How much testing is enough?”

Answer is C. The answer depends on the risk for your industry, contract and special requirements

Question #18: During the software development process, at what point can the test process start?

Answer is C. When the software requirements have been approved.

Question #19: Failure is______________

Answer is A. Incorrect program behaviour due to a fault in the program

Question #20: Which of these are objectives for software testing?

Answer is D. Uncover software errors



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