Defect life cycle


1) Suppose a tester finds a defect it is assigned as status “New”

2) The Project manager will analyze the defect and will check whether it is a valid defect or not

3) If the defect is not valid it is “rejected”.

4) If the defect is already reported by another tester then it is assigned as status “duplicate”.

5) If the defect is valid but it is to be fixed in the next release of the software then the status is assigned as “Deferred”.

6) If the defect is valid it is not reported by another tester and it is to be fixed i the current release then it is assigned to developer and its status is “In-Progress”

7) When the defect is fixed its status is “Fixed”.

8) Tester again re-test the code if the test passes its status is “Pass” otherwise it is again assigned to developer with status “Re-open”


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