Quality Assurance and Quality control

Quality means consistently meeting customer need of requirement, cost, Delivery schedule and services

Increase in quality can lead to the increase in productivity. Repair, Rework and complains are key factors that affects on productivity.

Software Quality Assurance :-
Monitoring and measuring the strength of development process.

Software Quality Control :-
The validation of final product before release to customer

Quality Assurance Quality Control
Attempts defect prevention by concentrating on process Attempts to test a product after it is built
it is process oriented It is product oriented
Quality assurance involves checking the process. Quality control involves quality control
here we find the weakness and deficiencies and send it to process here we Correct the weakness and deficiencies in product and suggestion to the process
it is a defect prevention oriented activity it is a defect detection and correction oriented activity
Example:- Review and audit Example :- software testing at various levels