Software development life cycle


1. Requirement analysis :-
Before we go for designing any software or web application we need to analyze the requirements. Like what is the purpose of the application, how many users are going to use this, what is the purpose of the application. what is the traditional process of the client and how our software or web application is going to help our client in his business process.

2. Design :-
This phase is before the coding phase we must design the architecture of our project. How the database design will be. How many modules ? how many forms ? how will be the data flow and user interface it is designed here
3. Coding :-
Here actual coding starts different developers works on different modules assigned to them.

4. Testing :-
Before delivering the product to the client it is well tested first and then it is deployed.

5. Deployment :-
After the product is tested and confirmed that all the requirements are as per the clients need the product is deployed.

6. Maintenance :-
This is the phase where we do enhancement in our product as per the new requirements of the client.