It is the process of evaluating work-products (not the actual final product) of a development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements for that phase.

In order to ensure that the product is being built according to the requirements and design specifications. In other words, to ensure that are we building the product right?

Plans, Requirement Specs, Design Specs, Code, Test Cases are used for the verification process.

Below are the Activities in verification


A process or meeting during which a software product is examined by a project personnel, managers, users, customers, user representatives, or other interested parties for comment or approval

Walk throughs

– It is led by the authors
– It is not a formal process/review
– With the help of document Author guide the participants according to his or her thought process to for gathering a common understanding and feedback.
– It is especially useful for higher level documents like requirement specification, etc.
– The people who are not having software background or cannot understand software development process, the walkthrough is most useful for them


– It is a formal process based on rules and check lists which is led by trained moderator not the author.
– it helps the author to improve the quality of the document under inspection since it is a pre-meeting preparation.
-It removes defects efficiently as early as possible