Test cases

What is a test case

It is a set of test inputs, execution conditions,  expected results and actual result developed for a particular objective, in order to test a specific functionality


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Above sample test case format is showing you a test case format it basically has following things

Defect ID :- in order to identify the test case.

Objective :- it tells what is the test i.e. what is the intention of the test.

Precondition :- it tells us what should be the precondition before we run the particular test for e.g. we must have a login page available in order to test the login button

Test steps :- Steps taken while executing the particular test.

Test input :- input for the test to run

Expected result :- The result of the test as per the requirement

actual result :- the result of a test after running the test

status :- if the actual result matches the expected result test is pass otherwise it is fail

Defect snapshot :-  it should be taken in order to keep the proof of the defect

Severity :- It is the impact of the defect on the application