ISTQB Test 4


ISTQB Practice test. Try and Evaluate.

Question #1: Which is not a test Oracle

Answer is B. The code

Question #2: A____________is the step-by-step method followed to ensure that standards are met

Answer is D. Procedure

Question #3: FPA is used to

Answer is B. To measure the size of the functionality of an Information system

Question #4: The principle of Cyclomatic complexity, considering L as edges or links, N as nodes, P as independent paths

Answer is  A. L-N +2P

Question #5: Which is not the software characteristics

Answer is  C. Scalability

Question #6: The_______________ and____________are used within individual workbenches to produce the right output products.

Answer is B. Procedures and standards

Question #7: Which is not the fundamental test process

Answer is D. None

Question #8: The software engineer’s role in tool selection is

Answer is A. To identify, evaluate, and rank tools, and recommend tools to management

Question #9: Which is not a Component testing

Answer is D. Check the decision tables

Question #10: What is the main purpose of Informal review

Answer is D. Discuss, make decisions, solve technical problems

Question #11: The___________technique can be used to achieve input and output coverage

Answer is B. Equivalence partitioning

Question #12: The purpose of exit criteria is

Answer is D. All of the above

Question #13: Find the mismatch

Answer is D. Configuration management tools – Check for consistence

Question #14: Use cases can be performed to test

Answer is C. Business scenarios

Question #15: Purpose of test design technique is

Answer is C. Identifying test conditions and Identifying test cases

Question #16: One person has been dominating the current software process improvement meeting. Which of the following techniques should the facilitator use to bring other team members into the discussion?

Answer is B. Wait for the person to pause, acknowledge the person’ s opinion, and ask for someone else’ s opinion.

Question #17: A software model that can’t be used in functional testing

Answer is C. Menu structure model

Question #18: Stochastic testing using statistical information or operational profiles uses the following method

Answer is C. Model based testing approach

Question #19: Arc testing is known as

Answer is A. Branch testing

Question #20: Which is not a black box testing technique

Answer is D. Decision testing



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